Kitchen Designing Orange County CA

The essentials of Kitchen designing in Orange County CA

kitchen layoutChanging the layout or purpose of a kitchen requires a lot of effort and knowledge, and many homeowners benefit from the assistance of a design expert. Working out the layout of important features such as the oven, the hob and the sink is vital, since careless positioning of those parts can lead to disaster. However, even if you are employing a specialist to do all of the Kitchen designing in Orange County CA, it still makes sense for you to learn some of the basics, so that you can help your designer, and understand what they are talking about. Follow these essential tips to know what your kitchen design really needs.


The heart of the house

Experts often say that the kitchen is the real heart of the house. It might seem as though the family spend all their time in the TV room, but the kitchen is where the important things happen. Far more than cooking goes on in this space, and so the kitchen should be central to any major home redesign. Kitchen planners should look at the context of other spaces, and the more open the space is, the better for everyone concerned.

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Incorporating space

The clever kitchen designer also knows how to make the most of available space. When looking for open kitchens, an Island can be the perfect solution. Not only does it mean that worktops are free from overhanging kitchen cabinets, but it also provides a great place for a breakfast bar, which combined with seating can make the kitchen a more intimate place. The Island can also be a useful way of adding more work space to the kitchen, or be used to add more cupboard space beneath the work surface.

Avoiding the triangle

For decades, designers have focused upon a kitchen dynamic known as the ‘triangle’. This basically means all of the working tools should be within a certain area, usually connecting the fridge to the sink, and both of those to an oven or hob. There are several paces between each unit, making the ‘triangle’. However, more and more designers are choosing to re-negotiate this use of space, and do so though moving the triangle around, often by taking out the oven or hob, and instead using another area such as a chopping station or supplies cupboard as the third point in the dynamic.

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