Kitchen Designing Orange County CA

The essentials of Kitchen designing in Orange County CA

kitchen layoutChanging the layout or purpose of a kitchen requires a lot of effort and knowledge, and many homeowners benefit from the assistance of a design expert. Working out the layout of important features such as the oven, the hob and the sink is vital, since careless positioning of those parts can lead to disaster. However, even if you are employing a specialist to do all of the Kitchen designing in Orange County CA, it still makes sense for you to learn some of the basics, so that you can help your designer, and understand what they are talking about. Follow these essential tips to know what your kitchen design really needs.


The heart of the house

Experts often say that the kitchen is the real heart of the house. It might seem as though the family spend all their time in the TV room, but the kitchen is where the important things happen. Far more than cooking goes on in this space, and so the kitchen should be central to any major home redesign. Kitchen planners should look at the context of other spaces, and the more open the space is, the better for everyone concerned.

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Incorporating space

The clever kitchen designer also knows how to make the most of available space. When looking for open kitchens, an Island can be the perfect solution. Not only does it mean that worktops are free from overhanging kitchen cabinets, but it also provides a great place for a breakfast bar, which combined with seating can make the kitchen a more intimate place. The Island can also be a useful way of adding more work space to the kitchen, or be used to add more cupboard space beneath the work surface.

Avoiding the triangle

For decades, designers have focused upon a kitchen dynamic known as the ‘triangle’. This basically means all of the working tools should be within a certain area, usually connecting the fridge to the sink, and both of those to an oven or hob. There are several paces between each unit, making the ‘triangle’. However, more and more designers are choosing to re-negotiate this use of space, and do so though moving the triangle around, often by taking out the oven or hob, and instead using another area such as a chopping station or supplies cupboard as the third point in the dynamic.

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Custom kitchen Cabinets Riverside County CA

Benefits of choosing Custom kitchen cabinets in Riverside County CA

Redesigning a kitchen can take a lot of time and effort, and choosing the perfect set of cabinets to complement your new design can also be difficult. Many homeowners find that they need to be able to choose cabinets which not only look good, but that can fit the shape of the kitchen. Many homes, particularly those more than 20 years old, do have unusual configurations, and changing the  internal structure of a property can also result in rooms with odd angles and walls with pillars or curves in the center of the room. This means that it is virtually impossible to buy a set of flat-wall kitchen cupboards from DIY suppliers, and can mean that only custom cabinets will do. Rather than despair, however, homeowners should remember the many benefits of being able to have cabinets cut to fit their own kitchen.

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Greater design options

One of the biggest advantages to having Custom kitchen cabinets in Riverside County CA is that they increase the number of design options that you have for your home. With custom cabinets, you aren’t stuck with that thin drawer for spices that slides out of the space under the sink, or a wine rack if you only have 2 bottles of wine in the whole house. Cutting away all the nonsense that you don’t need allows you to organize your cabinets so that they give you exactly what you need. Adding or reducing cabinet height can also be important if you are 6’7, or just under 5′ tall. Designing the cabinets to suit you means that you can have what you want, and only what you want, for as long as you would like.

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Bringing style and character

Cabinets that are custom made, like all hand-made furniture, have a personality of their own which enhances the look and feel of the room. Off-the-shelf cabinets might give you what you want in terms of storage, but you have to stand by the selection that the store is offering. With custom pieces, you can have the wood you want, the finish you want, and can even include carpentry of the cabinet fronts. This can be perfect if you have a vision of how your kitchen should look, or if you want to make the front more ornate and in keeping with the rest of the house.

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The Best Kitchen Designing for Your Home Starts with Cabinets



When you own your own home there is going to be a time where you want to make some change in nearly every room of the house. Whether it is because of general wear and tear or you just have grown tired of the look and want to try something different, you will want to make changes along the way. For many people, the one room they want to change the most is the kitchen. For many families the kitchen is the center of the house where everyone gathers, so having a space that looks great and makes you feel comfortable is important. When you are looking into doing kitchen redesign there are many areas that you want to think about, including the type of cabinets you choose to use.

Whether you are in Orange County, California or some other area, the way your kitchen looks is going to be important to you. While you may have a fixed budget for your project, that does not have to prevent you from getting quality materials and installation for the work you want done. While many people today turn to the large home improvement stores and centers you find everywhere, you very often can get better deals by looking at businesses that offer you custom work on your designs.

Getting custom design work will allow you the option of choosing from many more layouts, materials and types of work than you will find among many of the stock options at home improvement stores. What many people do not realize is that often custom work will end up costing less than what you get at the big stores and you will get a much better quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship. You can get custom cabinets that look the way you want and are made of better material so that you can get many more years of life from them than what you might get elsewhere.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets Make a Difference

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When you think about your home one of the rooms that you may want to do the most work on is your kitchen. Everyone likes to have their own particular look and style in the kitchen, particular because very often the kitchen is considered the center of the home. You want everything to look perfect for you, from your appliances to the lighting and flooring to the countertops. One style that can really help to set off the entire room is the cabinetry you have in your kitchen. While there are many choices available to you, going with custom kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in making the space truly your own.

Getting stock kitchen cabinets from one of the big hardware store chains is the way many people go because it can save them some money and time, but very often these cabinets are not exactly what you are hoping for. You often have to deal with salespeople that may coerce you into a purchase that is not really suited to you and you are getting a mass-produced product that looks the same as thousands of other homes. When you decide to go with custom cabinets, you have many more choices available to you so you can be sure to get the look and design you want the most.

You also get the added advantage of the value that custom cabinets can add to your home. When you note that you had custom cabinets installed in your kitchen this will increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. It is also important to remember that you will be getting much better quality in terms of craftsmanship and material when you choose custom cabinets over standard, stock cabinets you find. You certainly run the risk of getting cabinets that will not last as long for you when you choose stock cabinets over custom.

You need to look at getting custom kitchen cabinets as an investment in your home, property and yourself. It is not only going to help increase the value of your home but you are going to get much better life out of the cabinets when they are made specifically for you and out of better materials. This means you will be getting more for your investment, making them a better value for over cabinets you may need to replace after just a few years.